What does Yoosee App do?

Easy way to access your HD cameras, while offering versatile functions!

  • HD Video

    Delivering real 720p/1080p HD video, incredible crisp image, watch real-time video on your smartphone, P2P connection, can be reached anywhere, anytime.

  • WiFi Setup

    WiFi set up is very simple and convenient. No need to plug in the network cable, setting directly with the remote wizard. Supporting "Soundlink" to setup WiFi.

  • Recording

    Multiple recording modes (24hours, scheduled, alarm, manual) to provide you flexible video recording solution, HD video recording on TF card, smartphone, PC.

  • Smart Detection

    Offering multiple smart detection, activate/deactivate alarm detection on App, sending alarm push notification and email with snapshots to multiple users.

Smart WiFi Cameras - Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac laptop

Rich Features

Free P2P, Easy Connection, Anytime, Anywhere!

  • Night Vision

    Included IR illuminators, keep an eye on things even in the dark, the image still remains high definition.

  • Local Video Storage

    Support TF memory card , up to 32/128GB, can record video on Smartphone, PC, NVR.

  • 1080p/720p HD

    Full HD 1080p video image is four times clearer than conventional IP cameras.

  • Pan/Tilt

    Wide angle video ensures you won’t miss a thing, remotely control the pan/tilt movement.

  • Two-way Talk

    Allow you to speak through device and listen in, unique audio intercom, clear and smooth voice.

  • Event Alerts

    Receive alerts when motion and sound is detected.

Yoosee App Settings

How It Works

perfect for babies, pets, home, and small business

Yoosee App Yoosee App - Camera list

Yoosee is a free app designed for WiFi Cameras/NVRs which are new generation of smart home products. The App uses advanced Cloudlinks P2P network transmission technology, remote monitoring, video calling has never been easier, it's the best way to engage with family and friends.

Benefits Of App

  • Connect Yoosee cameras to Wi-Fi and access it from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Feel reassured by watching your baby or sick loved one in the other room. or maybe you want to keep tabs on your pet’s well-being when you’re not there? Well, with Yoosee, you can restore your peace of mind to know that your baby, family or businesses are all ok in your absence.

  • The monitoring capabilities of the Yoosee will greatly improve the lives of you and your loved ones. Mothers who tend to check on their sleeping children at night will be able to do so conveniently from their phones instead of having to physically walk into their children’s bedrooms, which runs the risk of disturbing their children’s sleep.

  • Yoosee’s two-way audio function, you will be able to communicate with people on the camera’s side. You can watch,hear and talk back to the camera makes you feel like you're right there with them. Yoosee is also smart, as it can detect motion and sound. With this detection feature, Yoosee camera will automatically capture any suspicious motions or sounds and send an alert to you.

Additional Features

Advanced features enable it can be deployed in professional applications.

Privacy Protection

Press "Privacy" key on remote control can stop video streaming to protect the privacy.

Alarm Monitoring

Support up to 64 wireless security detectors, the real deterrent to burglars.


Free video management software (Windows OS), managing multiple cameras simultaneously.

ONVIF Compliant

Compliant with ONVIF standard, can be integrated with third-party NVR/VMS, and other systems.

Yoosee Smart 1080p/720p WiFi Cameras

Get Started In Minutes

  • Download/install Yoosee App

    1. Download and install app on your device.

  • Connect the IP Camera to your network

    2. Connect the IP camera to your network.

  • Scan QR Code

    3. Scan or manually add the IP camera to your app.

  • Watch HD stream

    4. Now everything is under your watch.

  • Demo Video

    Watch the Yoosee demo video here!

    Yoosee Products

    WiFi cameras and WiFi NVR kits, WiFi video door-phone

    720p WiFi Pan/Tilt Yoosee Camera


    1.3MP Mini PTZ Bullet IR Camera

    Pan/Tilt Rotation, 4x Optical Zoom, 2.4G Wi-Fi, up to 64G microSD Card Slot, ONVIF/RTSP
    Discover More

    Full HD 1080p Yoosee Camera


    Full HD 1080p Cube Camera

    Built-in a PIR motion sensor, FHD 1080p resolution, up to 32GB TF card storage.
    Discover More

    Outdoor Smart WiFi Camera Yoosee


    Outdoor 720p WiFi Bullet Camera

    IP67 weatherproof, 720p HD video, 128GB TF card video storage, 30 meters IR range
    Discover More

    1.3MP 960P 360° VR Camera


    360°1.3MP Panoramic VR Camera

    New Fisheye lens panoramic camera,WiFi and Ethernet connection, 64G TF card video storage.
    Discover More

    720p HD WiFi Pan/Tilt Camera Yoosee


    720p HD WiFi Pan/Tilt Camera

    Remote pan/tilt, thermometer sensor adapter, up to 64 wireless security detectors.
    Discover More

    Yoosee Smart Wi-Fi Doorbell


    Smart Wi-Fi Doorbell

    Yoosee Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell 720p HD PIR Motion Detection
    Discover More

    Yoosee's News

    Yoosee releases regular updates giving you access to the latest features and improving the user experience.

    Yoosee iOS App has upgraded to 2.2 version (


    We have optimized the things as below:

    • Optimized add device procedures;
    • Optimized manually add connected device function;
    • Optimized the account login, register, forgot password UI;
    • Changed the appearance of photo album;
    • Optimized the display of device info;
    • Added the reminding in playback list page if there is no SD card;
    • Changed the device list UI;

    Yoosee App will support HD panoramic/VR cameras


    Yoosee App can not only work with smart WiFi NVR kits and 433MHz/868MHz security sensors, soon it can support the latest panoramic/VR cameras. Panoramic cameras can provide you 360 degree surround view by using panoramic algorithm, tapping on motion objects can achieve fast auto-track. Gravity sensor function, can automatically rotate the image right and left according to your smartphone’s position.

    Yoosee can support hotspot WiFi cameras


    Yoosee released AP network cameras, the AP network cameras can connect to Smartphone without Internet access. Users are able to config the WiFi setting directly on Smartphone's WiFI hot-spot, the camera's hot-spot default password is 12345678.

    Grain Media firmware upgraded to


    The new firmware fixed some bugs and added some new functions. 1. Fix wrong reset reminding sound. 2. Add network connection through sound. 3. Support FTP function. 4. Support SC1145 CMOS image sensor. 5. Updating SC2035, to optimize the image quality. 6. Remind users if users want to format the SD card, but camera is still recording. 7. Fixed email picture wrong time&date problem. 8. Changed the list reading & writing method, minimize the frequency of reading/writing. 9. Increased the video recording redundant space to prevent Disk fragmentation problem. 10. Fixed SC2035 horizontal stripes problem.

    Yoosee camera's firmware version upgraded to


    Optimized and fixed some bugs: 1. After network disconnection, the recording end time can precisely show the power cut/restore time. 2. Add Fahrenheit degree support. 3. Fixed 163 mailbox can't send Email. 4. Add watchdog timer (requiring hardware to support). 5. Fixed binded user push notification bug 6. Fixed the bug, the camera will lose WiFi connection, when plug in/out Ethernet cable. 7. Add snapshot folder path and alarm mute function. 8. Optimized TF card video recording and storage.

    Yoosee now supports WiFi NVRs


    Yoosee NVRs leveraging the Broadcom WiFi module, NVR's WiFi coverage can reach up to 300 meters outdoor, indoor coverage also reaches up to 400㎡, the WiFi cameras can connect to the NVR by using Yoosee G1 protocol. Smart Qos algorithm to adjust bitrate and frame rate to provide smooth video streaming experience under different bandwidth condition. One key Wi-Fi pairing, no wired cable, plug-and-play, built-in Gview P2P connection engine, easy to connect.

    CMSClient software has been upgraded to V1.0.0.37 version


    CMSClient software has been upgraded to V1.0.0.37 version, please download it. Update: add the batch download UI option.

    360 degree panoramic dome camera - Hikvision PanoVu series


    PanoVu series are panoramic cameras leveraging the latest stitching technology. This new product portfolio including DS-2DP1636Z-D, DS-2DP0818Z-D, DS-2CD6986F-(H), DS-2DP1636-D models. All of them use multi-lens structure to capture panoramic video, DS-2DP1636Z-D and DS-2DP0818Z-D integrated with a PTZ camera to provide optical zoom and auto tracking function.

    Why the panoramic WiFi cameras will go viral


    Since the rapid development of panoramic cameras, the core technologies of panoramic camera such as dewarping algorithm are no longer exclusively owned by one or two companies. As the conventional IP cameras reach the plateau, the new product – panoramic WiFi camera is ready to replace them. We expect the panoramic WiFi cameras will go viral in home video surveillance market.

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